VEZ chào đọc giả. Hôm nay, VEZ mạn phép đưa ra đánh giá chủ quan về kinh nghiệm, tin tức qua bài viết The story of the “unlike anyone” behavior of the Vietnamese king

During a trip, Tran Anh Tong was mistaken by a group of naughty youths for being a son of a mandarin, so they threw bricks at him until his head was bleeding.

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In the past, the monarchs, in addition to setting up the court to discuss the country, control the national affairs, many of them wanted to understand the human condition, so they acted in the human world. In Vietnamese history, the acts of kings are not recorded much. But through the documents collected from the old history, we also know a few things about these acts, and there are also certain differences.

King acts, people meet robbers

King Tu Duc, also a famous poet of the Nguyen Dynasty, in Vietnamese history of the bay, The Emperor section, when writing about King Ly Cao Tong of the Ly dynasty, he commented on his predecessors very seriously: “During his time in office, Ly Cao Tong built the mansion non-stop, and the Emperor had no fun. squid; Wars and robbers in the country emerged like bees, the people were starving and suffering more than in other years. The Ly dynasty’s business began to decline from there.” Another poem says:

Forcing the storm of grief and freedom,

The future of the people is to serve the table du.

Chiem Thanh is a song of many grievances,

Quy Hoa, head of the river, is not flown.


The cloth diapers freely satisfy the heavens,

Harm people do not tell, talk about roaming.

Chiem Thanh song, lamentation,

Quy Hoa’s head river does not flow.

A monarch’s stern comment for a monarch in the same position as “son of heaven”, is an accurate mirror for the seventh king of the Ly dynasty. Reigning the country for 35 years (1175 – 1210), is one of the longest reigning kings of the Ly Dynasty (only inferior to King Ly Nhan Tong) as well as the Dai Viet feudal regime, but the merit and cause of Ly Cao Tong left for posterity almost nothing. Maybe it’s a bad reputation for frivolity, squandering the nation’s wealth on the king’s useless amusements. Which is the love of techniques, the strange, the false belief in the tiger of the monk Tay Vuc in the year of Dinh Mui (1187), or the thunderous authority of Nguyen Du in the year of the Tiger (1206). Again taking care of earthworks, building Nghiem Thiem palace in Dinh Ty year (1197), building Kinh Thien guardhouse in Quy Hoi year (1203)… Especially, the king was very fond of behavior, but not interested in all people, hundreds of families. to satisfy my curiosity, my amusement, as the saying goes Dai Viet history book narrated: “The king roamed all over the mountains and rivers, wherever he went, the gods gave him titles and built temples to worship”… “the king built incessantly, traveled without measure”.

ktt vihanh1 kienthuc
King Ly Cao Tong ascended the throne at the age of 3. Source: Internet.

Also because of that travel, the king once met the scene of “unforgivable grievances” (quoted from Luc Van Tien in the Nom story of the same name by poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu), but the golden ruler turned a blind eye. It was in the Year of the Tiger (1206), the second year of Tri Binh Long Ung, according to Dai Viet’s historical records, it happened right in the citadel, when the king was 37 years old.

That year, there was a lot of chaos in the country, but the king liked to go out, but the roads were not clear, so the king sent him to work at Ung Phong and Hai Thanh palaces in Ung Minh lagoon. fun. Again, taking the big boat as a boat, the small boat was divided into two waves, sent the palace maids, the tuong tuong to row the boat, the king led the left and right to imitate the guard of the Son of Heaven like when the king was going to play somewhere. They also used beeswax to wrap silk sheets and other seafood and drop them into the pond, and then send people to wade down to look up and pretend to be objects under the Dragon Palace to offer. When the officials of the martial arts saw the king roaming around involuntarily, they were afraid to speak.

One day, the king went to play in Ung Minh lagoon as usual. While playing with the servants, the palace maids were playing, when suddenly, from outside the city, there were screams of anguish. Again, at that time, there was a constant famine, bandits were everywhere, killing people and looting as blatantly as in a no-man’s-land. Noticing, the whole group knew that the people who were robbed were shouting for help. Although all the troops surrounded him for several layers, the cries for help were clear, but Ly Cao Tong was only surprised a little, then laughed and joked like before, pretending not to hear anything, despite the black people. My red son had no one to help him, so he screamed because he was robbed in broad daylight. It’s really:

What fun knows what,

Indifference about safety in heaven.

(Excerpt) Dai Nam Quoc’s history of acting)

The king went out to play, his head was kicked off

Such was the case of the fourth king of the Tran Dynasty: Tran Anh Tong (1293 – 1314). The king’s behavior was stoned by scoundrels, but that was the time when the newly crowned king was still playful. Considering the 21-year reign of the king who set only this Hung Long date, Phan Huy Chu in The calendar of the solstice charter, The Characters section praised the king’s merits as: “The king succeeded in succession first, loved the people, established the government, had a peaceful life, good politics, a brilliant and commendable regime”. Or the Nguyen Dynasty, Thai Ha Dien Mau Hoang Cao Khai when writing Vietnamese history is weak, also commented during the reign of King Tran Anh Tong: “Talent appeared more and more, Taoism flourished and prospered, King Tran Anh Tong’s reign was indeed the most prosperous dynasty of the Tran dynasty”.

ktt vihanh2 kienthuc
King Anh Tong gave up the custom of tattooing. Source: Internet.

Good governance is like that, but not always King Tran Anh Tong strictly corrects himself as instructed by Emperor Tran Nhan Tong:

The goalkeeper followed the arduous career,

As long as the color of the heart has been spared.

(Excerpt) Vietnamese history acting)

When the new king ascended the throne, the young age was just growing up, so he was impulsive, playful, and there was Thai Emperor Tran Nhan Tong with him to rule the country, so the main thing was somewhat neglected. Once, because he was addicted to booze, he was almost dethroned by the Emperor of Heaven because of anger. Fortunately, there was a writer Doan Nhu Hai or a poem to make an apology card, only to be forgiven by his father for that mistake. In addition to enjoying drinking, because of his youth’s interest in learning, Anh Tong sometimes went out with his servants to visit people and have fun. Too bad, it’s okay to go at night to meet ghosts, that’s okay Weak repertoire of Vietnamese history let me know.

The king likes to act. At night, he often disguises himself as a prince and son of a mandarin, gets on a palanquin with more than a dozen servants to roam around Thang Long citadel, watching crowded pubs, bustling passers-by and eyes. glanced at the pink shadows passing by. So the whole group went until the rooster crows to return to the forbidden palace. Then one night, when they came to a certain ward in the capital, the young men were mean-spirited or jealous, thinking that Anh Tong’s palanquin was the son of a mandarin’s family, so they felt itchy, so they joined together to take bricks and throw them at the palanquin. . The people who followed the maid were so frightened that they didn’t need to hide the king’s actions anymore, so they shouted for the others to hear:

– The palanquin of the king!

Hearing of the Son of Heaven, the young scoundrels all ran away in fear of being blamed. When he looked back, the king’s head was hit by a piece of brick thrown in, bleeding, and it took a dozen days for the wound to heal.

Later, when Emperor Tran Nhan Tong saw the scar, he asked why it was so. King Tran Anh Tong just said honestly. Emperor Nhan Tong was very upset, shook his head, and clicked his tongue.

Talking about that trip, fortunately, he was stoned, if there is another fight, I don’t know if the king’s life will be preserved. Also after the incident, King Anh Tong became more and more cautious and careful in playing, governing the country, helping the people to be strong, the country prosperous, the dynasty more prosperous. Vietnamese history acting end of praise:

Humility, filial piety, self-knowledge,

The overall picture is great.

The karmic successor claims to be a lord,

Inner culture of foreign trade music.


Friendship, humility, innate virtue,

Liquor leaves error correction.

Trong Van inherits a life of praise and prosperity,

Music ceremony to honor the four tanks of the bar.

A good king meets a good thief

During the early Le dynasty, King Le Thanh Tong (1460-1497) was known as a wise ruler, creating the peak of prosperity for himself and his dynasty. When it comes to the king, the rule of virtue is good, and the rule of law is also good. So in Vietnamese history is weak Recently commented that: “Talking about the monarchy in Vietnam, we have never been praised for the most flourishing literature and martial arts than during the reign of Hong Duc (Le Thanh Tong)”.

ktt vihanh3 kienthuc
King Le Thanh Tong, painting by Vu Huyen. Source: Internet.

In order to rest in peace, the king not only took care of the education and mourning, but also paid attention to the law so that the society could go into order, the National Court of Criminal Law was born from that reason. One of the serious crimes that King Thanh Tong wanted to eliminate at all angles was embezzlement and corruption, especially for mandarins. The following anecdote deals with the problem of corruption, related to the conduct of the morning king.

During the reign of King Thanh Tong, there was a thief in Thang Long who was very skilled. But unlike other common thieves, he often steals from the rich to give to the poor, but only takes from the rich unjustly. Due to his quick hiding, appearing, and lightning quick action, many people call him the Wind District.

Right on the occasion of Tet, King Thanh Tong disguised himself to welcome New Year’s Eve. Knowing the language of the Wind District, the king sent someone to find out where Wind was, then pretended to be a student of the Giam school (Quoc Tu Giam) to meet him. The schoolboy casually said to the Wind District:

– I live in Thanh Hoa Thua declared, as a student of Giam school, at the end of the New Year, I want to go back to my hometown but I have no money left in my hand. Dare to ask him to help with the toll road.

Hearing the student’s lament, the Wind District was moved. To speak:

– Don’t hide anything from your family, I’m the Wind District, you probably already know the language. You’re poor, I’ll help. The money isn’t available, but I’ll take it from the rich guys for you. So, who are you going to take from now?

The supervisor excitedly:

– Can you steal from the rich man at the western gate of the citadel?

– Can not! He got rich from deep plowing, hoeing, and hard labor all year round – Wind County shook his head.

– So stealing from the owner of a gold and silver shop in the East Gate Street? – The supervisor continued.

The Wind District shook his head again and replied:

– He’s a straight man. Having wealth is through trading and accumulating. Now you wait here, I’ll go to the old mandarin’s house in charge of the king’s treasury in the North gate and steal some coins for him. He has a lot of pure gold and silver in the house. Those are not his things.

With that, the Wind District was as quick as lightning and disappeared into the darkness. In less than a moment, the Wind Shire had returned with two silver coins in hand, smiling at the schoolboy:

– These two pieces of silver, I have enough money to pay for the road and also use it for boiling and cooking history. Hopefully in the future he will pass the university, remember not to extract the blood and blood of the people, but be an honest man.

The examiner nodded in thanks, looked again at two pieces of silver under the candlelight, and saw the four words: “National treasury chi treasure”. Without a doubt, this is silver in the state treasury.

On the morning of the first day of the New Year, that student was sitting on the throne, in the courtyard, the mandarins cheered for the New Year. At that time, King Thanh Tong told about his New Year’s Eve journey, and gave everyone to pass two silver coins “National treasury chi Bao” to each other. The official who looked after the cross-sectional warehouse had no blood left, stripped of all titles. His property was confiscated, his body was exiled for the crime of abusing the state treasury. And the Wind District was then summoned to the palace by the king and given the title “martyr of the thief” and rewarded very well. Anecdotes about the king’s behavior are mostly mythical, but the severe handling of corruption is recorded in many historical books.

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