Hi quý vị. Ngày hôm nay, tôi mạn phép đưa ra đánh giá chủ quan về kinh nghiệm, tin tức với bài chia sẽ That captain (In memory of martyr Nguyen Quang Thong 1950-1975)

Nguyen Quang Thong was born and raised in a rural area in the Northern Delta. He is a 4th year student, Faculty of Machine Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, enlisted in the army under the Government’s General Mobilization Order in order to increase human and material strength for the battlefield in the South, which was resounding with gunfire. Both marching and training, a few months after joining the army, he and his fellow students were present on the land of Binh Tri Thien. He was added to the Reconnaissance Platoon of Company 2, Battalion I, Artillery Regiment “Tat Thang” when he was present on the fire pan of Quang Tri.

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In September 1972, the war was at a fierce stage.

At the beginning of September, the rain in the Central region was pouring all day and night, the white rain of the forest was white, the rain seemed to want to hold back the war but did not let it happen as fiercely as it is happening anymore. But alas, the sun and the rain are heaven’s business! Whoever takes advantage of the natural element of time will dominate the battle. Therefore, bombs and bullets continued to fall on the soldiers’ heads in the battlefield. Soldier’s blood mixed with mud and mixed in the rain.

The enemy had the advantage of much more maneuverability than ours, and had the maximum support of the US Navy and Air Force’s artillery, so after being stunned to flee from Quang Tri, they returned to become a group. quite audacious recapture. Using the helicopter strategy, they poured troops to occupy important positions and high points. In just over a month they have regained almost the entire coastal plain and high points in the mountainous midland region of Quang Tri. On the combat map, the lands and places where the liberation flag was planted yesterday, today has been replaced by the yellow flag with three red stripes of the Republic of Vietnam. The ancient citadel of Quang Tri is becoming a hot spot for disputes with each other, every meter of land, every meter of trench, every street corner, tree stump… the blood and bones of the soldiers have mixed with the soil, stones, and gravel on all the streets of the town. this little baby.


Quang Tri battlefield, 1972

Our troops quickly fell into a passive position on the whole front, with heavy casualties, serious shortages of troops, guns, food, food, medicine and medical equipment… all became precious treasures. rare. The artillery shells of the 2nd company in difficult times were only allowed to fire four rounds per day. The material is like that, of course the spirit of the soldiers is also very wavering. No matter where the enemy helicopters landed, they only met weak resistance, many enemy positions recaptured without losing a single bullet.

Such is the law of the strong, the weak, the weak, of war! Some units completely lost their fighting strength, the soldiers returned to the gong, each group, each group of the healthy, the wounded, the headbands, the legs … dragged each other to dig tunnels along the supply routes waiting for the Agreement. The Paris armistice is signed.

The other side seemed to have no better fighting spirit, their advance also stalled, groping, completely engrossed in fire. Without firepower to clear the way, the infantry would definitely not move forward… Those who were in the battle would understand that at that time the soldiers on both sides were like exhausted wrestlers but the battle was still undecided and had to let go. let’s go out and breathe… that’s it!

Every corner of the trenches, soldiers everywhere are talking about the Armistice Agreement, no one has the thought of fighting with victory anymore.

Nguyen Quang Thong added to our scouting platoon on such a wet and gray afternoon.

That day, when I was just working on the element of firing and shelling at an enemy infantry depot, I heard that there were new soldiers added. Appearing in front of the command bunker was a tall, slender young man with a bright smile, transparent brown eyes that were always wide open to observe. The chestnut-colored hair floating above the white intellectual face with the dark green ant beard showed a very romantic personality of the youth at that time.

He introduced himself and took the initiative to get acquainted with us former soldiers who were doing their own thing in the cramped cellar at that time. Months of arduous marching, hunger and cold, bullets and bombs still did not fade his intellectual appearance.

Thong and I had feelings for each other from the first time we met, I took him to sleep together in the A-shaped cellar on the side of the mountain. I gave him a few necessary instructions according to my experience and knowledge about the operating rules of the B52, about reconnaissance and enemy artillery… My considerate attitude made him feel more secure and open. So from that night, in the A-shaped bunker, between the hours of combat duty, we told each other stories about our life, family and career… at that time his voice was soft and weak. extremely weak. I know that there are many emotions in you that cannot be explained.

When he got used to the battle atmosphere, about a month later he started to participate, he had to follow the observatory close to the enemy area, along with the reconnaissance squad to repair the artillery. The group of brothers included: Platoon leader Hong “black”, two scouts Tam “square” and Son “pocket”, two 15w telegraphers from Tay ethnic group, Hoang Van Khu and Nong Van Den, kept in regular contact. with the battlefield to correct the shooting.

Since then, he and I only met on occasions when he returned to the headquarters to get more food, food, mainly dry food, ammunition… Every time like that, we had the opportunity to chat all night. He is a few years older than me but close, so I only consider him as a friend and address him as an equal, he doesn’t consider it important and easily accepts it.

Thong lived a simple life and worked exemplary, as a final year student at the University of Science and Technology, he quickly grasped the technique of shooting cannons. He proficiently used all kinds of weapons such as telescopes, anti-mirror cannons, and directions. After four months with the reconnaissance squad rolling on the hot battlefield, he firmly joined in the quick and accurate shooting correction, effectively supporting the infantry to maintain the battlefield.

Due to his achievements in combat, after the Paris Agreement was signed, the fighting stopped. He was sent to attend a training course for platoon cadres in the liberated area of ​​Quang Tri province. After training, he transferred to the 4th Battalion with the position of Platoon Captain and then Company Captain. I joked with him, there was a broadcast about the military career, he smiled gently and mocked himself that he had graduated from the officer course Cua-Mai Loc! (the place is in Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province).

– I hope the war ends soon, I want to go back to school to defend my unfinished graduation thesis. I said.

As a new commander, I know you are not interested but right now young intellectuals like you are in dire need of a new stage of maturity in terms of the quality of the military… you must be thinking the same thing as me.

The Paris Agreement on ending the war in Vietnam was signed on January 27, 1973 in the joyful anticipation of soldiers who were directly participating in combat in the front. In fact, the gunfire has not stopped, both sides loudly denounced each other for not respecting the implementation of the agreement. As for the lowly soldiers, we understand that this is just a break between two rounds and the future of our soldiers is still very unclear, we often clamor about our identities: ” I shed tears when I think of the future, and sweat when I look back at the past.”

Looking back at history, war agreements were mostly just temporary solutions. The 1954 Geneva Agreement on armistice and general election consultation in Vietnam is a prime example of political distrust, which is the core for foreign powers to take full advantage of and Vietnam inadvertently become a place of confrontation between two factions, two opposing political systems. With the international forces, money and guns are not lacking, only a people dare to sacrifice blood and blood for their ultimate purposes of domination.

More than a year after the signing of the Paris Agreement, our unit is still on duty in Quang Tri. At the end of December 1974, we were ordered to move to the North to reinforce and add more troops. At this time, the requirement of a modern war with a contract of arms including artillery, infantry and armored vehicles is gradually becoming a reality.

Returning to the North is an indescribable joy in our eyes, the opportunity to see family and loved ones is suddenly within reach. Marching for more than a dozen days in heavy rain, cold wind, we were all rabid, hungry, hungry and thirsty because of malaria, without a penny in our pocket but extremely enthusiastic. Our first stop was a poor barren hilly area, sucking the northeast monsoon in Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province. We welcome the new year in Nghe land frugally. Here, for the first time, I tasted dog meat pie and dog meat cooked with honey… but still as happy as Tet! Before he could regain his strength, he was ordered to move again, this time stopping at Quan Giet – the capital of the mountainous midland region of Trieu Son district, Thanh Hoa province.

I was assigned to be a platoon leader and a gunnery teacher at the Main School of Army Corps I (5th Battalion), still on the payroll of Tat Thang Artillery Regiment. During this time, Thong and I always met each other because we were stationed only a few hills apart. In our free time, we often find each other. There are endless stories of all kinds of topics, but in the end, the story still returns to the topic of couple’s love – The eternal longing of the soldiers away from home, lacking our love.

On that occasion, Thong told me about his love affair with a young girl from the same hometown, a charming girl, a recent graduate of Hanoi National University of Education, waiting to receive the decision to become a high school teacher. grade III at home. The two promise to be a husband and wife when conditions permit… Ironically, the war dragged on, and the dating still couldn’t be done. As a company commander, with his endless training and combat plans, he always tied Thong’s time, not allowing him to leave the unit for a few days, even the letters to his lover, He also writes hastily and is very brief. Soldiers in wartime don’t have the rules to rest, at best, if their superiors let them visit their family for a few days, it’s a great blessing, so he often gives that fortune to his comrades and others. under you. When his lover offered to visit him, he hesitated and tried to dismiss it. Partly because he was afraid that she would travel long distances, the long distance was hard, partly because the new unit in the battlefield went to a place to eat, temporary accommodation, and sleazy, so he always found a way to escape even though he was always troubled in his heart. lover.

In early March 1975, we suddenly parted ways.

Number is, after the training course for non-commissioned artillery officers of Army Corps I ended, I was sent to the Son Tay Artillery Officer School to study a short-term officer training class in order to promptly supplement the battlefield. We joked that we had to go to school to close the number because the course only took 3 months to finish.

Thong stayed in Thanh Hoa, a few days later he and his unit marched south to participate in the Ho Chi Minh campaign.

I will forever remember that parting with you!

That day, Sunday, I rested in the barracks, Thong came to my place very early, his flowing swallow-wing hair covered his ears, long curls fell on his forehead. Five months on the battlefield, we had to cut each other’s hair. I am skillful, so I am often trusted by my comrades to handle their heads. Thong too, he was very pleased with my cutlery performance and this time of parting, he wanted me to cut his hair to commemorate him. We haven’t seen each other for more than a month, he was busy taking the soldiers for joint service drills and I had to finish my artillery non-commissioned officer training. It was a pleasure to meet you, he looked black and thin, his eyes were sunken, his beard was jagged, but his smile remained unchanged, still as bright as the first time I met him in Truong Son. I didn’t expect this to be the last time we met.


Tanks of the Liberation Army entered the Independence Palace,
Saigon, noon on April 30, 1975

I completed the 3-month officer training course when the Ho Chi Minh Campaign was won. Returning to the unit, I was shocked to hear that Thong was no longer there. He died on the way to lead troops into Saigon. It is said that Anh fell when he encountered the fierce resistance of an enemy aircraft before he flew out to sea to escape. The soldiers under his command must not forget the company commander who did not take risks, sacrificed his life to run after them one by one, pressing them down because the first time they met the enemy, they were too scared to run away. . They were lucky to escape death, and he, he was forever lying down on this land. That place is only 130 mm away from Saigon. Those were the last moments of the war of liberation.

Now, all the medals for you and us are meaningless.

You will forever be our Hero!

Nguyen Xuan Vuong

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