Xin chào đọc giả. Hôm nay, VEZ xin góp chút kinh nghiệm cá nhân về mẹo vặt, kinh nghiệm không thể thiếu trong đời sống qua bài chia sẽ Kinh nghiệm mở quán bún đậu mắm tôm với 30 triệu giúp hút khách

If you love food and are preparing to start a business with the opening of a noodle shop, then read the following experience-sharing article. It will definitely come in handy later on.

Vermicelli with shrimp paste is quite famous and popular in Hanoi with affordable prices, only about 25,000 – 30,000 VND per serving. A set of vermicelli noodles includes vermicelli, fried tofu, grilled sausages, boiled pork leg, spring rolls, cucumber and a handful of raw vegetables of all kinds. Besides, it is indispensable to have a bowl of shrimp paste mixed with delicious lemon sugar, stir well to create foam.

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With the secrets of preparing shrimp paste of each noodle shop, this fish sauce no longer has a fishy taste, but on the contrary, has a delicious and attractive taste. Therefore, vermicelli with shrimp paste is a favorite dish of many people.

Open a crowded shrimp paste noodle shop

The noodle shop with shrimp paste and shrimp paste is sprouting up like mushrooms in Hanoi

Many people have grasped this trend, so they have made a lot of money by opening a noodle shop with vermicelli and shrimp paste, even many stores have expanded to many branches in a short time.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Man, owner of a noodle shop on Tran Dai Nghia street shared: “Selling vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste does not require a lot of capital investment, it is important to have a large location, delicious noodles and beans, and reasonable prices.” She said she has 10 years of experience selling vermicelli in this area.

Her customers are mainly students of the University of Science and Technology, National Economics… so she only sells at affordable prices. On the streets of Ho Tung Mau, Xuan Thuy or Chua Boc, Pham Ngoc Thach, Kim Lien market, Nghia Tan market… every noodle shop is packed with customers. Few people know that the income of these noodle shops is up to millions of dollars per day.

vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste

Are you planning to open a noodle shop with vermicelli and shrimp paste?

If you have a little capital and plan to open a restaurant but don’t know what to trade?

We recommend that you think about opening a noodle shop, but if you want to be stable and go further, you need to know the delicious and beautiful recipes, ensuring a reasonable price. Here is the whole experience of opening a noodle shop with shrimp paste with only a few tens of millions of dong for your reference.

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1. How much capital does it take to open a noodle shop with shrimp paste and shrimp paste?

If you don’t know how much capital it takes to open a noodle shop, then in the framework of this article, we would like to share with our members how to open a popular shrimp noodle shop with the lowest capital.

If the business is favorable, after only one month you can recover your capital. Here is how to allocate 30 million capital to prepare for a noodle shop.

Originally opened a noodle shop with bean paste and shrimp paste

The first is to prepare capital for the opening of a noodle shop with bean paste and shrimp paste

  • The cost of renting a shop: 4 million/month, renting 3 is: 12 million VND
  • The cost of buying tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, dishes and chopsticks: 10 million VND
  • Cost of raw materials: 3 million VND
  • Cost incurred: 5 million VND

Note: The rental price and other costs will change depending on the price.

2. Source materials

With any restaurant, fresh ingredients are always the first concern of customers. There are 4 main ingredients for the shrimp paste noodle soup: vermicelli, beans, herbs and especially shrimp paste, the seller must have experience in choosing quality suppliers.

Vermicelli served with beans is vermicelli, white vermicelli, small and soft. The best beans are apricot beans, when fried, they must be fragrant, golden and crispy. Shrimp paste must be new, when mixed, it must be delicious and fragrant. Herbs, especially marjoram must be fresh and clean.

Mrs. Lam Thi Que, owner of a noodle shop with shrimp paste and shrimp paste on Dai La – Minh Khai street said: “Customers are all very gourmet, so I choose apricot beans, which are both soft and fragrant. As for vermicelli, I order it in Phu Do village, My Dinh. Thanks to the source of clean and stable ingredients, my shop is always crowded, sometimes there is no place to sit.”

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Clean shrimp paste noodles

Fresh ingredients are a way to attract customers when doing business with shrimp paste noodles

In addition, cooking oil for frying beans is also a very important issue. Many cheap ham shops use cans of cooking oil of unknown origin and poor quality, affecting the health of customers.

Ms. Le Thi Thu, owner of a noodle shop in Nghia Tan market area, said: “Her noodle shop is 100% using Tuong An cooking oil, a bit expensive but very hygienic. Doing business must be honest and put customers first, so that customers will come to us.”

3. Choose a place to sell vermicelli with shrimp paste

With limited capital, the cost of renting a shop is about 4 million VND/month, you need to think carefully and take the time to find the most reasonable place to sell vermicelli and shrimp paste. Give priority to areas with many offices, universities, convenient traffic, especially sidewalks and convenient parking.

Many noodle shops with shrimp paste and shrimp paste have sprung up in the alley, but near the market, next to the university … always crowded with customers because this area is very crowded with students and office workers. Another famous noodle place in Hanoi must be mentioned is Lane 31 on Hang Khay Street, Hanoi.

selling bean vermicelli near school

The place to sell vermicelli with shrimp paste should be close to the school

This is such a narrow alley that it is difficult for two people to pass each other, there are 2 noodle shops in the alley that are almost always empty for customers to sit.

Yet, people still crowded together to come here to eat a serving of vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste, even if they didn’t mind waiting in line for 10-15 minutes to get a seat. Just looking at the number of customers or the number of cars in this alley, one can partly imagine the terrible income of the shop owners.

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Ms. Chinh – the owner of the Vietnamese noodle shop here said – “Because it is sold from early morning to late evening, on peak days, her shop can welcome up to 500 guests.

After deducting all expenses such as shop rent, staff and raw materials, she can earn from 3 to 4 million VND per day.

Mr. Son, an office worker in Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi said: “My work is not far away, so I often come here for lunch instead of rice. A price of 30,000 VND is also quite pleasant, full of food. but it’s both delicious and convenient.”

Capturing this psychology of customers along with not too large investments, noodle shops in Hanoi have sprouted up more and more.

Here are some suggestions for you to find a place to rent:

  • Choose a small store, suitable for a capital scale of 30 million VND
  • Priority is given to near markets, offices, universities…
  • Priority is given to the restaurant with wide sidewalks, parking space…

location of noodle shop

The location to open a noodle shop requires wide sidewalks and parking

4. Shopping for vermicelli and shrimp paste

What do you need to open a noodle shop with shrimp paste and shrimp paste? Opening a popular noodle shop, you only need to shop for simple things. If you know how to buy liquidated plastic tables and chairs, you will save a large amount of money. Here are some suggestions when shopping for vermicelli and shrimp paste for the store:

  • Song Long plastic table 15 pieces, price 105,000/piece;
  • Song Long plastic chair: 60 pieces, price 20,000/piece;
  • Plates for displaying beans and vermicelli: 120 pieces, priced at 5 thousand VND/piece;
  • Small bowl with shrimp paste, dipping sauce: 60 pieces, price 2 thousand VND/piece;
  • Small plastic basket for kumquats and herbs: 100 pcs, price 3 thousand VND/piece;
  • Gas stove, 2 large pans, chopsticks, scissors to cut vermicelli and beans, noodle holder…

A little tip for you: In order to compete successfully, it is difficult to create a unique feature of the restaurant to attract new customers. Instead of using plastic plates to display food like the restaurant next door, she uses a leaf-lined plate. Bananas make the dish more rustic and attractive.

Noodle shop tables and chairs

High quality plastic tables and chairs to serve customers

5. Opened a noodle shop with bean paste and shrimp paste

To let more people know about your noodle shop, when preparing to open, please give flyers around the area around the store. Don’t forget there are attractive discount policies.

Here are some suggestions for you to attract customers:

  • Distributing leaflets with 10-15% discount for the first day of opening;
  • 20% discount for groups of 5 or more people;
  • Free iced tea, hot tea or chewing gum for guests to eat.

According to the survey, each serving of vermicelli consisting of only vermicelli, beans and shrimp paste costs 25,000 VND. A kilo of vermicelli costs about 10,000 VND. Each kg of vermicelli can be divided into at least 5 servings, only 2,000 money for vermicelli/a serving of vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste. Each serving of bean vermicelli has two bags of crispy tofu (about 2,000 VND / one cover), which costs less than 5,000 VND for beans.

delicious shrimp paste noodles

A set of bean vermicelli with fresh ingredients will help you attract customers

Plus other costs such as shrimp paste, raw vegetables, napkins, spices… can see that a serving of vermicelli with shrimp paste costs only about 10,000 VND. Thus, with each serving of vermicelli sold for 25,000 VND, you can earn a profit of 15,000 VND/serving.

When you have a relatively stable number of customers, you can sell other dishes such as fake civet vermicelli, vermicelli vermicelli, fried rice or pork intestines, iced tea, then the profit will double.

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6. The secret of the crowded shrimp paste noodle business

Many noodle shops look very attractive but are not crowded because their minus point is “non-standard mixed shrimp paste”. Bun Dau is attractive by the 4 elements that blend as mentioned above: vermicelli, beans, herbs and shrimp paste. The secret to making shrimp paste is very important.

Mrs. Lam Thi Que shared the secret to making shrimp paste that every customer who eats is “good at complimenting” her: “First, to have a good bowl of shrimp fish sauce dipped in vermicelli, of course, shrimp paste must be delicious. A good sauce is when you taste it, it must have a sweet, clear taste, not harsh. If the shrimp paste looks a bit pink, the better it is, if the color looks black, it’s not good and it’s been aged for a long time.”

delicious shrimp paste ingredients

All ingredients must be carefully selected is the secret of doing business with shrimp paste vermicelli

“The condiment must be full of spices such as chili, sugar, and lemon. Add a little more wine to reduce the smell of fish sauce. When eating, add a little bit of fat (if you use oil, it’s fine, but not as good as fat) to fry the beans and when you put them in, let the fat cool slightly (to avoid making the shrimp paste clump and settle on the bottom)”, Que added.

In addition, each serving will be given an extra gum by the owner for customers to use after eating. Hong Nhung (Kim Lien, Dong Da, Hanoi) said: “I’ve never eaten at the other restaurant, so I don’t know which restaurant is better, but I got the one with free gum so I feel like I’m being cared for a lot. than.”

According to the owner of the noodle shop on Dai La Street, the quality of shrimp paste greatly determines the success of the restaurant.

In addition, another secret to help your store always be crowded is to use herbs that are clean vegetables, ensuring safety and hygiene. You just need to hang a billboard: “Public bean vermicelli, 100% clean vegetables”, will surely attract a lot of curious customers.

Clean herbs make customers feel secure

Clean herbs make diners feel secure when coming to the shop

However, the advertisement must also be true. You can link up with a certain reputable vegetable store so that they specialize in providing you with regular fresh vegetables at a discounted price.

A noodle shop with the secret of making delicious fish sauce, green and clean herbs, will create a unique feature for your noodle shop. That is also the secret of successful business of many noodle shop owners.

It can be said that opening a vermicelli shop with shrimp paste is a business trend chosen by many people. But in order to attract customers, not everyone knows, to attract customers you need to design the shop very eye-catching, the ingredients must be carefully selected.

In addition, to optimize management costs, many noodle shops have professional restaurant management software, or order software. Directly participating in the restaurant operation process, promoting rapid revenue growth.

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